For the first time, the Electoral College’s true intent needs to be exercised

The Electoral College is comprised of 638 elected representatives who individually vote their choice for President of the United States.  It is these representatives who actually determine the who will become President.  Each State is apportioned a certain number based on population.  The original intent for the Electoral College was to act as a “sanity check” on the popular votes cast by the largely uneducated citizenry in the early days of the founding of this Country.  In other words, these elected representatives were not bound to cast their vote based solely on the outcome of the popular vote.  An elected representative had the obligation to evaluate the candidates, using their judgment, their understanding of policy issues and their wisdom to assess if it was for the good of the Country to accept the outcome of the popular vote of the citizens of their State.  If after reviewing the candidates, the elected represenative determined that outcome of the election of President was not in the best interest of the Country, they could ignore the results of the popular vote and choose their own candidate.  This provision prevented the election of a President that truly was unqualified.  To date, the electoral college representatives have almost always voted in lock-step with the popular vote.

However, in my opinion we are fast approaching a day where those representatives elected to the Electoral College should seriously consider whether they should vote the will of the people.  The citizenry of the United States have become so diverse, so apathetic, and so uninformed, that for the first time in my nearly 50 years, I would strongly encourage those elected officials to ignore the popular vote.  Our citizens are simply not capable of being informed voters, and instead they cast their vote based on propaganda in the news or worse yet they vote straight party line.

An alternative to the electoral college that I could strongly support is having voters take a test demonstrating a proficiency in the issues facing this country.  This may sound extreme, but we are on the precipice of electing a President who could not even get security clearance to be in any high level appointed position in Government, and yet the popular vote supports electing this largely inexperienced well-spoken charismatic constitutional lawyer.  All we need is another attorney parsing words as simple as the word “is”.  It’s time for closer scrutiny of the candidates by people who know WHY they are voting!!!

Scooter Store is perpetuating entitlement mentality

Nearly every day I see the commercial for “The Scooter Store” where the spokesperson all but guarantees that if you need a scooter because you are disabled in some fashion, The Scooter Store can get it for you for FREE!!!

Nothing is free, but if people think it is free then they are inclined to want the item.  For example, if I were to pull a truck into almost any parking lot in America with a sign that read: “Free cheese for the needy”, I would be overwhelmed with people wanting a handout.  Americans have been conditioned to want “free things” no matter what that may be… and in my example I would no doubt have people who didnt even like cheese lining up to get their “free” cheese because after all we are entitled! 

So contrasting that to my example portrayed by “The Scooter Store”, the Scooter Store is conditioning people to believe they can get a scooter for free.  No doubt there are going to be countless people now who see this commercial and call the Scooter Store asking for a free scooter.  After all, it is free.  And just like my example of “free cheese” there are going to be people who don’t need a scooter requesting a free scooter.  I just watch these Scooter Store commercials in utter amazement as the spokesperson tells peole the government will pay for their scooter… dont worry about a thing. 

Ladies and Gentlemen NOTHING IS FREE especially if it is provided by the Federal Government.  Overtaxed citizens are the actual recipients of the bill for all those people who want free scooters.  So I say: “Hey Scooter Store stop telling people they can get free scooters, because they can’t”.  Millions of taxpayers are chipping in to pay for all the free scooters, and all of us hard working Americans are tired of the entitlement mentality that rob us of our money to pay for so-called “free” stuff.  Enough is enough!!!

Cable TV is a rip-off!

I can remember the day when cable was truly a novelty.  Further, in those days cable was commercial free after all you were paying to watch TV.  Nowadays we not only pay for cable we get bombarded with stupid inane intellectually insulting commercials.  In any given hour we are exposed to at least 15 minutes of commercial advertising.  And if you watch cable TV late at night the networks will turn up the volume of commercial advertising presumably to “wake you up”.  And to add insult to injury, we now have 4000 stations with maybe 2 stations having any intellectually redeeming value.  I find this whole cable TV experience to be a total rip-off. 

Have you also noticed that cable and satellite are competing on quality and the number channels.  Each continue to add worthless demeaning stations that serve nothing more than a placeholder for purposes of claiming more channels than the competitor. 

And now that these oligopolies have us under their collective thumbs, they continue to raise the rates while reducing the features.  All said, I long for the good old days where TV was free and we had only a handful of options.  At least back then we had quality programming that didn’t require us to squirm in our seats as we hear about “erectile dysfunction, enlarged prostate, constipation, incontinance, hemorrhoids, bladder control issues, bankruptcy protection, IRS protection, asbestos, disability insurance, car insurance and my favorite commercials about how Merril Lynch is “bullish on America”.  Thanks Merril Lynch for spending all that money to tell me you are bullish… sounds like you should have paid more attention to managing your money than annoying me!

Socialisms tipping point nearing for U.S.

Socialism is defined as government ownership of the means of production. Marxism’s guiding principle is: from each according to their ability; to each according to their need. While people tend to scoff at the notion the United States is heading toward a more socialist form of government, it is clear that is the direction this country is headed… particularly if the Democrats control both the executive and legislative branch. And to make things more alarming, the Democrats are likely to appoint 2 judges which would create a situation where even the judicial branch of government would become more liberal or socialist leaning.

The tipping point will be the election of 2008. I define the tipping point as the point where the citizenry not only desire, but demand the government “spread the wealth”. And I fear that the number of citizens who look to the government to solve their problems now exceeds the number of citizens who prefer to solve their own problems. If this occurs, within 12 years the job creation capacity of the United States will have moved dramatically offshore. Americans need to wise up or someday we are going to find the ability to work hard and create a high standard of living for one’s family will have slipped away. As with any concept or philosophy change is slow, but once the tipping point is reached the conversion to the new philosophy is very rapid and dramatic similar to an avalanche. Wake up America… we don’t want our government to own our industries nor do we want to “redistribute” wealth at the whims of politicians.

The world is awash in oil… but we’ve been led to believe otherwise

As a former geologist and current energy executive, I want you to know that oil is plentiful.  By every measure we have plenty of oil to last for decades.  And as I watch exploration for oil worldwide, I expect a dramatic change in the current perception of oil shortage to oil surplus.  For example Amoco continues to find mammoth fields in the Gulf of Mexico.  Amoco’s Thunderhorse field began production in June 2008 and is expected to produce 250,000 barrels of oil per day plus 200 Million cubic feet of natural gas.  This, my friends, is a staggering amount of oil.  And BP has found more fields in the area which all combined could produce another 100,000 barrels of oil per day.  But this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Aggressive exploration for oil is going on around the world as the dramatic price increases in oil we’ve experienced in 2007 and 2008 have set in motion unprecedented expenditures to explore for hydrocarbons.  Brazil has found new fields offshore that could make Brazil a top 10 producer of oil in world.  So, fear not about these high prices.   Within 5 years we will be back in the $30/barrel range.  It is a cycle that has repeated itself time and time again in the oil industry.  This cycle is no different.  Why?  Because unlike most commodities, the amount of time between stimulus to drill in the form of price increases and when the fruits of those stimuli come into the market is typically is 2-3 years.   So the industry is constantly trying to match price signals with production.  But mark my words, the unprecedented exploration for more hydrocarbons going on around the world today, will begin feeding the worlds insatiable demand for oil in about 3 years, and when that new oil production comes online… it will send prices tumbling.  And the cycle will repeat again as it has done time immemorial and once geologists will be out of work.   I lived through one 2 boom and bust cycles, but not again.

Trickle up economics?

All I hear these days are politicians talking about how so-called “trickle down” economics hasn’t worked and that we have to “change” our ways.  Okay… what is the alternative?  Trickle up economics?  How about “trickle sideways”?  Wealth is created when people create jobs… and whether we like it or not, those people with wealth are the only ones who create jobs.  Jobs are not created by “homeless” people or teenagers or illegal immigrants.  Demand for jobs may be created by these groups consuming goods and services, but let’s be rationale instead of hysterical… people who take risks with their wealth are the only ones who create jobs.  And this is not a bad thing.  But pathetically, some dim-wit Americans have the sense that if I work hard and earn a million dollars, somehow I have taken advantage of someone along the way.  WRONG!!!  Capitalism provides that everyone can be wealthy… it is not a “zero-sum” game where one person wins and one person loses.   Literally, every American… in theory, could be a billionaire.  We are only limited by our ability to create a product or service that is needed by consumers.  That’s it!  Unfortunately, the liberal media has brain-washed Americans into believing that our economy is a “zero-sum” game and that if you are wealthy you “stole it” from others.   Of course, those people spewing this nonesense were not required to take basic courses in economics as journalism is probably THE simpliest degree program available at the University level.  So to me it is sad that the uneducated pin heads in the media with their powder-puff college degrees have convinced the general public that capitalism is a bad thing… and that the only fair thing to do as a country is to confiscate wealth and redistribute it to those lower in the “food chain”.  Once again, I see American’s are largely lazy dim-wits who believe anything they are told particularly if it is “negative” or some type of  “conspiracy”.