Who cares if Obama is black… seriously

Does anyone seriously care if Obama is black, white, green or purple?  I find this whole thing annoying at the minimum and disturbing at the maximum.  We talk about wanting to be the idealistic country MLK talked about where everyone is judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin, so why in the hell does everyone make such a big deal about Obama being black.  WHO CARES!!!  He is simply an American… that’s it folks.  Nothing more than a simple well educated American.  That’s it!  I make no distinction between African Americans, Asian Amerians… blah blah blah.  You are either an American or you are not.  We cannot be a nation of African Americans, or Hispanic Americans… that by its very nature is racist.  And all the groups that have formed promoting all these different peoples are racist at their core as they want to distinguish one American from another based ONLY on skin color.  We don’t need to comment on the heritage of other Americans other than if we are doing geneological studies… otherwise we are all Americans.  So I say Obama is our next President… and that’s all he is… To single him out as the first African American demeans Obama as it suggests he is different from the rest of us Americans.  Is he different… seriously?  Other than being black, I presume he is just another American who has risen to the call of being President.  Stop all the silly commemorative plates, and commemorative coins.   Obama’s presidency is nothing more than America living up to its ideals.  So as an American I simply say: “We have a 44th President and he is Obama”… end of story.  Nothing more need be said or written about this issue.

Change you can believe in?

Day after day Obama talked about change… he was going to change Washington forever.  No specifics of course, but just tell the largely dim-witted American public you will change things, and that’s all they wanted to hear.  Don’t bore us with details… just change things.  CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE.  That’s all we heard… and silly juvenile talk about bipartisan changes to cause a new world order in Washington.

Well the public bought the slick marketing.  And the “change” thing Obama kept spouting ad nauseum, well that has sorta died down now that he has won the election.  Now, the real work of “change” has begun.  Funny thing, that concept of change seems to be just a bumper sticker that sounded good.  Obama is running the second Clinton 8 year term.  He has dug up all the Clinton retreads and appointed them to all kinds of critically important positions in his new administration.  So do all you nit wits out there who wanted change feeling just a bit embarrassed.  Your guy Barry is nothing special, he is just another “run of the mill” politician.  And I would argue had he been a white guy, he wouldn’t have gotten off first base.  I would like to think Obama will do good things, but when he surrounds himself with Clinton retreads how can we take Barry serious.  Barry is damn lucky Americans are dim-witted, lazy and apathetic; otherwise Barry wouldn’t have had a chance.  Hell Obama wouldnt even pass a “background” check, and yet he is President.   Give me a break.  Oh and by the way: “I told you so”

Gay Marriage… is this really important?

With all the issues facing this country, why is gay marriage even being discussed or considered.  Who cares?  Seriously?  But let’s take a moment and think about this logically.

Any idea how many gays there are in the U.S.  1%? 5%? 10%?  How about 3%… 3% of the population have gay tendencies.  And let’s go another step deeper.  Of those 3% how many want to be married in the traditional sense?  25%, 50%… ?  I am going to suggest less than 50%.   So now the number of people in the entire country becomes 1.5% wanting marriage rights. 

So… for the sake of 1.5% of all Americans, we are seeing protests across the country.  For the sake of 1.5% of all Americans we are having States debate this issue, we have States adding propositions to voting ballots on this topic… we have people ranting and raving about the outrage of not having the same rights of traditional heterosexual couples.  Again I ask… WHO CARES?

I see no reason to give gays rights to marriage in the traditional sense.  I see homosexual lifestyles as abnormal and there is no reason to sanctify abnormal behavior.

Lastly, homosexuality while I believe it is genetic, does not mean it should be practiced.  To me homosexuality is no different than any other genetic defect.  Take for example mental illness… bi-polar, manic depressive etc.  Each is genetic, and each is treated as a disease.  What about diabetes… it is genetic, and is treated as a disease.  In both cases I cite, the disease is abnormal therefore is treated in an attempt to regain normalcy.  Homosexuality is a disease, not a lifestyle and should be treated as a disease.  It should be avoided, resisted and if possible treated with medications to help these people return to a normal lifestyle. 

And please don’t waste my time trying to suggest homosexuality is merely another lifestyle that harms no one, and should be accepted by the other 98.5% of the population.  If homosexuality were normal, none of us would exist.  Enough said…

The next 4 years are going to be hell!

No matter who was elected President, his 4 year term was going to be hell.  We have so many serious issues facing this country it is hard to focus.  But a real leader is capable of identifying 3-4 key philosophies that guide his policies and decision making.  It is not necessary for a leader to get caught up in the minutia of individual issues, but rather provide the philosophical framework that is needed to give his staff the ability to make recommendations and decisions.

I would have preferred McCain as President, as I think his overarching philosophies are more in tune with the average American than Obama… I say this despite Obama’s majority in the popular vote.  Most people who voted for Obama had no idea what he stood for other than a single word: “Change”.  Americans are simply unable to evaluate leaders based on true policies, experience and overarching political philosophies.  Instead slogans and bumper stickers are more important, BUT I digress.

The next 4 years are going to be hell.  Every aspect of our lives and our economy are under attack.  Our citizenry using nothing more than slogans and bumpers stickers, have year after year elected inept, spineless, leaderless, buffoons to Congress, and the Presidency.  You may disagree with this assessment of our politicians, but you cannot deny we have unprecedented issues facing this country.  And had we elected true Statesmen and true political leaders, we would not be at a watershed moment between capitalism and socialism.  Our uninformed, apathetic simpleton citizenry have succeeded in finding politicians who are good speakers, but spineless in dealing with BIG issues.  And any legislation these marginal politicians enact will impact this country for decades into the future.  These pathetic examples of leaders and so-called Statesmen claiming “change” as their guiding principle have done nothing more than “kicking the can down the road”…  They do this knowing at some point, some other spineless unprincipled politician will be passed the baton. 

NO MORE… no more can our pathetic embarrassing examples of leaders simply “kick the can downt the road”.  In these next 4 years, major decisions MUST be made.  Let’s consider these issues:

1.) Staggering national debt… $53 trillion, not $10 trillion as our leaders suggest as a way to keep the citizenry from running them out of town with pitchforks, tar and feathers.

2.) Crumbling financial infrastructure… the result of another well intentioned Democrat program enacted intially by Jimmy “the nitwit” Carter which later Clinton added more teeth… forced the banking industry to loan money to people who could not afford homes…. all in the name of making home ownership possible seemingly even to the unemployed! 

3.) Healthcare… my instinct tells me that the invasion of illegal immigrants have added staggering numbers of medical cost to the equation resulting in a healthcare system on the brink of meltdown.  The beauty of not dealing with illegal immigration is we legal natural born citizens get the luxury of paying for these illegals… all I can say is THANK YOU MEXICO!!!

4.) Illegal immigration… need I say more.  No nation can afford to allow millions of people to invade its country, consuming its services without contributing to the cost for providing these services.  No one wants to admit Illegal immigrants are a serious problem, but common sense tells you that these people are disastrous to our economic health… I hear there are 15 million illegals.  Do you truly believe there are only 15 million????

5.) Education… Education in the United States is simply a disaster.  And WE continue to want to throw more and more money into this system and it is a failure pure and simple.  Washington DC spends nearly $10,000 per student per year, and YET… ranks among the lowest performing school system in the entire country.  The students barely know where Washington DC is on a national map.  PATHETIC!!!  What the hell is going on here?  The problem as with many industries in the U.S. can be summed up in a single word: “Unions”. 

5.) Crack up of major manufacturing industries: Well this one is complicated as there are not many good solutions, but GM, Ford and Chrysler all have broken business models.   The model where Unions negotiate contracts for wages and benefits that have no connection to market forces is irrational.  Unions should be forced to accept lower wages and be forced to tie their contracts to market forces… when demand for their cars is strong, they are paid more, when demand collapses, their wages and benefits fall in lock-step.  Unions are anachronistic… it worked in the 1920’s, it doesn’t work anymore. 

Sadly, these giant icons of American manufacturing prestige i.e. GM, Ford and Chrysler, must go into bankruptcy in order to break the back of greedy Unions.  The FAA did this under Reagan and the country didn’t miss a beat… I have no reason to believe breaking the back of the auto unions will be any different.  Shag the outdated and utterly outrageous Union contracts, and watch GM, Ford and Chrysler take over the world.  These companies are fine companies but unfortunately they are burdened by absurd Union demands.  Get rid of the Unions, see the Auto industry in the United State dominate the world

6.) Cut Taxes on everything!  How many times must it be proven that cutting taxes increases revenues to the States and the Federal government?  The concept is not complicated… I cannot understand why so many people simply refuse to accept facts.  Cutting taxes has increased revenues every single time it is tried.  Here’s the basic tenet… if you cut taxes consumers have more money to spend.  The more money consumers have to spend, the more they consume.   The more they consume, the more jobs that are created.  The more jobs created, the more revenues paid in taxes.  People don’t hoard their money as simpleton Commie Libs want to suggest, people spend their money if they are able to meet their basic needs for living.  But today with ou heavy and brutal tax burden meeting basic needs is becoming difficult.  Forget about spending money on luxuries.  Lower taxes gives each of us more discretionary income and that money is spent consuming goods and services.   WAKE UP Congress… WAKE UP average uninformed citizen.  Raising taxes can’t possibly increase revenue… THINK ABOUT IT.  If you raise taxes, people consume less, businesses reduce jobs, and that leads to less income to our citizens… and on and on.  It’s just not that complicated

So… the next 4 years are going to be hell because nearly every issue I point out above must be dealt with.  It is no longer possible to “kick the can down the road”.  

OBAMA YOU SAID YOU WERE A CHANGE AGENT… SHOW ME!!!  I am seriously skeptical… I think you are a distortionist and when faced with tough decisions will crumble.  PROVE ME WRONG!!!!  I DARE YOU!!!

A “free press” was our last hope….

to keep our elected officials honest and to keep our government from overreaching its constitutional boundaries.  On November 4, 2008, a “free press” officially died in the United States… tyranny cannot be far behind. 

I must say… In many ways, the founding fathers of this country were brilliant men… their creation of a constitution, and later amendments providing for a “bill of rights” was genius.  Within the Bill of Rights is the first amendment which provides for freedom of speech among other significant rights given the citizenry.  While I am not a scholar, nor have I studied these documents in depth, it strikes me that the founders understood the true meaning of “freedom of speech”.  Freedom of speech provides for free expression of ideas by citizens including providing for a way of keeping our government from usurping power thereby suppressing its citizenry.  I believe the founders knew that “power corrupts” and by having a free press and an unchallenged press, provided a restraint on government confiscation of rights and priviledges of its citizens.  Many of the founders had experienced first hand the tyranny of the British Empire.  And I believe the first amendment in part was crafted in such a way as to provide a throttle on government’s insatiable desire to control people.  To me, the press and our citizens having the right to speak their minds is essential to a fully functioning democracy. 

Fast forward to 2008… assume for the moment my basic thesis is that our free press is a fundemental building block of our form of self-government… if the press does not perform its important function of shining a light on government corruption, government ineptness and issues facing the nation, the nation loses a critical and essential tool to prevent government abuse and absolute control over its citizens inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This past election period, we saw the press in this nation lose all objectivity and ability to challenge candidates and government actions, ie bank bailout.  Today, regrettably I feel the press is unable to objectively monitor the activities of our government.  The press has lost its objectivity and worse yet has in some cases become willing accomplices in promoting a certain ideology and promoting certain politicians.  My friends, the press in the United States is no longer able to objectively inform the public nor is able to shine the light of day on corruptions, ineptness, stupidity and usurpation of our god given rights.  And I am afraid that Congress and the President will move to stymie those lone voices who speak out against our government… which our founders knew was a lynchpin in maintaining a fully functioning democracy.  My friends, the day is coming where we as a people must ignore the opinion papers posing as newspapers, and seek out answer on our own.  And we have to find a new medium to communicate to our nation the abuses and the corruption of our government.  While I think the Internet gives all of us the opportunity to voice our opinions and to create a national dialogue, my fear is that Internet has become polluted with so much inaccurate information… in addition to providing a staggering and overwhelming amount of information.. the Internet is unlikely to be successful in providing a “check and balance” on politician’s power grab and our governments desire to confiscate our god given rights. 

But for the record, the year 2008 is the year the free press died in the United States.  Now it is time for citizen action in the form of boycots of those media sources who fail to honor their duty to this nation of informing us of information necessary to keep our democracy fully functioning.



Of course oil companies have made record profits these past few years, but not because of anything other than market forces.  Yet Obama would have you believe it was because mean old Republicans were responsible through crafty tax breaks.  So Goddam it Obama stop distorting the facts.  And of course oil companies have made some of the largest profits of any company in American history… THAT’S BECAUSE THEY SPEND MORE ON R&D THAN ANY COMPANY IN AMERICAN HISTORY… they still earn less on their investments than most industries in the United States, but does Obama mention this?  Of course not!!!  That would not fit into his pandering to the so-called poor and underpriviledged.

Goddam it Obama you are unqualified to be President, but at least STOP THE DISTORTIONS… YOU ARE PERPETUATING LIES AND DISTORTIONS which only go to help shape inaccurate opinions by the largely uninformed and apathetic citizenry of this Country.