Education, Education, Education… that’s all I hear!

Education is important, but as the saying goes: “You can drag a horse to water, but you cain’t make him drink”. The same applies to learning. If students are not there to learn, we can throw unimaginable sums of money at education and it will result in the same outcome as today’s outcome… NOTHING! From what I see, the problem is not money, not teachers, not enough public concern, but rather a lack of interest in learning by students. Drop-out rates are staggering! Teachers fear for their lives in some schools. And politicians sit around and talk about spending more money on teacher pay. WHY? Why pay teachers more, they can’t teach a student that is not receptive to learning. Until students come to school to learn, we are just wasting money, and playing petty politics. America better wake up… education is the only solution to our economic woes. History tells us that well educated societies have higher standards of living. But I fear our coming generation of American’s lack the basic R’s, and will never be able to compete with other countries like China or India. In those countries not only is education looked upon as a solution to grinding poverty, their wage scales are far far lower than America’s. The combination of highly educated citizenry and low wage scales is a “deadly” combination for our next generation of mental dwarfs… who are more knowledgeable of “Little Caesar” the pizza guy than the real Caesar from ancient Rome.

So-called “torture” by American standards would be considered “patty cake” in most Countries.

Why is it that our good friends on the radical left fringe argue “American soldiers have tortured enemy combatants”? As my headline suggests no country outside the United States would risk losing dozens or even thousands of its citizens if captured enemy could be coerced into giving up critical information, yet here in America we have people who are against so-called torture of any kind… for example playing Barney music 24hours a day is considered torture by nimrods of the left, yet our enemy laugh at this silliness. When they torture people it often leads to serious consequences like… oh beheading, cutting off fingers, acid baths… you know REAL torture. Why does anyone listen to the silliness spewed by bleeding heart liberals who probably would opt to “shoo flies” out of their house rather than KILL them. NUTZ!!! NUTZ is all I can say. While two wrong don’t make a “right” certainly we need to use appropriate techniques to coerce information from our enemy. We have too much to lose to worry about a hurting people’s feelings. At the rate we are going, we are going to have to outlaw “war” as being too harsh. At that point, we might as well raise the flag of surrender.

Why can’t I block the onslaught of disgusting TV commercials?

The FCC and other groups preach at us parents about monitoring what our children watch. To this aim, chips have been embedded into our TV’s to allow blocking of adult content. But what I find despicable and egregious is that I cannot block all the disgusting, revolting and embarrassing TV commercials I am bombarded with daily?  Is there nothing off limits in TV commercials these days? For the record, I do not want to know about any of the following: irritable bowel syndrome, incontinence, erectile dysfunction, diarrhea, female products, hemorrhoids, bladder control problems, the benefits of certain bathroom tissue, prostate issues, colon health, Sally Fields, Billy Mays, and all the other similarly inane, stupid TV commercials. It should be my option to block any commercial I find offensive… and I find a growing number of commercials passionately offensive.  We’ve lost all sensibilities in this country, and I know people say: “Oh what’s the big deal these things are all part of life”. Sure they are but I don’t want to fuckin be exposed to these things sitting with my kids, my girlfriend, my friends and anytime food is involved. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AROUND HERE!!!

Commemorative coins showing Obama on them are appalling…

And my guess is that some entrepreneurial white guy is behind this crazy, insulting charade. Any simpleton that buys a commemorative coin, should ask themselves WHY??? What could possibly be meaningful about owning a silly coin with Obama’s picture on it?  How about a commemorative plate? My guess… same stupid white guy scheme… And you know, what really bugs me is that Obama must approve of these silly trinkets to bear his likeness. otherwise, I doubt this could be sold. Who is this Obama guy?  I am a lowly worker bee, and I would never allow some charlatan to hock my likeness simply to make a fast buck… yet Obama does?   To be honest I don’t recognize this country anymore… what ever happened to common decency and integrity?  Today it seems the guiding principle this country subscribes to is:  “Anything for a buck… including a Senate seat”.

For 20 Years Obama hangs out with Chicago thugs and racists and yet recalls nothing unusual…

Nearly every player that assisted Obama to his metoric rise from a petty community organizer to President… have been morally and ethically bankrupt AND yet we are led to believe Obama didn’t know any of this. Please… the American public is dumb, but are they really this dumb? Well maybe, but I hope not. I have nothing against Obama personally, and I actually think he is a likeable guy, but his comments about the corrupt and racist crowd he ran with at a mimimum sound disingenous and at the extreme appear to be bald ass lies. It is just not possible to have spent 20 years immersed in Chicago politics and not notice double dealing, special favors and the vitriolic rhetoric of a pure racist named Reverend Wright. I continue to hope and pray that our citizens will become more educated about the issues and less gullible, but each election that passes, my hopes are dashed by the continual re-election of inept, spineless career politicians. From my vantage point the whole system is bankrupt, and it will take more than “bumper sticker” slogans to clean up the mess in Washington. And so far, Obama has spent most of his time skywriting on people’s imaginations with flowery slogans and “feel good” platitudes.

3 things to avoid: J. Alexander’s, Crime and worthless Oakbrook Police!

Dateline: 11pm 12.10.2008: J. Alexander’s Restaurant at closing. Young white female comes into bar claiming her locks were frozen and needed lighter to heat key. My girlfriend and I put on coats to leave. Notice her purse is missing. Instincts kick in and I realize we had been robbed. I run out of the restaurant and catch 2 white females rifling through my girlfriend’s purse. I grab purse and call cops. Cops arrive in less than 1 minute and interrogate both parties. Cops advise the girls claim they don’t know how the purse got into their car. I respond that Scotty in Star Trek was a fictional character, and that the only way it got into their car was that they STOLE it. Advised by Cops, they did not have probable cause as no one saw them actually take the purse. I reply that criminals generally don’t announce their intentions to steal, but rather do it covertly. The girls were questioned and let go as again the Cops claim no probable cause. As I was driving, I was asked to take a breathalyzer at which point I happily complied. Blew 0.04 which is 1/2 legal limit. I was told I could legally drive. Moral of story… crime doesn’t pay, but DUI’s do. While I have suspected that the world has changed since my days as a kid where criminals were arrested when they stole things, today utterly implausible explanations can be proferred and accepted as fact. The notion that these 2 girls had no idea how the purse got to their car, is less believable than Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, yet that is all I can conclude from examining the facts. And if a casual observer… such as yourself, reviewed these facts you would know beyond a shadow of a doubt these 2 stole the purse. But these days, nothing is sacred nor is anything too absurd to be postulated as a rationale for commission of a crime. My dillusion with the legal system and our failing ethics among all classes of citizens continues to erode… I believe in honesty, integrity, honor, but not the American legal system nor our elected officials. Can anarchy be far behind? The majority of Americans have become the silent minority in this country. I long for the days of 3 TV channels, unlocked doors and acceptance of the word queers.