is just another Obama sham from what I see…

Obama just can’t help himself. He is the most polished gaffe master in the history of this Country. How dare he suggest people sign up to serve this Country when he is doing everything under the sun to destroy it. The last thing anyone should do right now is devote themselves to helping this government in any fashion. Let me share just a few ways Obama is destroying the United States:

1.) Bankruptcy through 10 trillion in new debt
2.) Creeping socialism through nationalization of healthcare
3.) Insane suggestions we invest more money in education when we have already waste trillions with no discernible results.
4.) Ruination of the auto industry by government meddling and ownership
5.) Federalization of Banks… a recipe for total and absolute meltdown of the economy

And now this snake oil salesman wants us to join his stupid government sponsored service program? Please!!! How dare Obama get on television with commercials about how Americans can get a piece of the American dream by dedicating themselves to USAService… this is your typical community organizer telling us he knows what we need if only we “step up” and take his challenge. FUCK HIM!!! He should stop destroying our economy and our cultural heritage and leave national service to those who truly understand the concept i.e. the military.

I just cannot believe what I see out of this guy. He is more radical than we ever imagined and yes… your friends influence your thought processes. Obama hung aaround with radical America hate mongers, and is slowly… incrementally trying to reorganize the United States in the image of Europe. WHY!!! WHY screw with near perfection in government organizational structure?

The Constitution of the United States will go down in History as the most impressive document ever written by mankind. It spells out the ideal formation of a government… it spells out a government of the people, by the people, for the people… this concept is unlike any other form of government in the world. Those brilliant men who wrote the document understood government is the enemy of the citizens; therefore, the government should have minimal power over its citizenry. Our founders knew what they were doing, regrettably our current crop of nit-wits in Washington have no idea what they are doing. Worse yet, the only person who knows what he wants is Obama… and make no mistake, Obama is dead set on destroying the fabric of the United States through his blatant disregard of the Constitution in favor of government control.

I say the time has come to take back the freedoms the Feds have usurped from all of us…

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
— U.S. Constitution, Tenth Amendment

Following the Constitution, much of the baloney we see in Washington DC today is 100% unconstitutional. According to one report I read, 25 states are looking into ways to block the Federales from further eroding our rights as citizens and/or as States. Congress incrementally passing legislation which often bestows upon the Federales new powers never contemplated by our Founders, and in doing so they usurp our unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I often wonder where we start in terms of stopping further losses of freedoms: education, gun laws, personal property laws, laws governing so-called “interstate commerce”, laws restricting how private land is used, ie drilling for oil, EPA, OSHA, unemployment, Social Security… you name it. All of these new laws and future visions of laws undeniably restrict States rights and our personal freedoms.

My interpretation of the 10th Amendment, prevents the Federal government from using its power to change laws governing just a few of the rights enumerated above. And admittedly, some of the items noted need a national approach, but where do we draw the line.

Now with Obama, the goal posts are moving dramatically in favor of Federal rights in total opposition to the 10th Amendment which reserves to the States or to the citizens of this Country all rights and priviledges not specifically spelled out in the Constituion as being within the Federal Government’s purview.

We must oppose any usurpation of rights that have not already be stolen from the States or us citizens. I would start my protest and letter writing campaign against any form of national healthcare… This is an area the Federales should never be involved… next gun laws, property rights, and interstate commerce… to stop the growing insidious tide. I must say at this point, I don’t even consider the impact taxes on our freedoms. Unless we get control of the issue of State’s rights, taxes are not worth mentioning because the Feds need every dime they can get as they incrementally steal our liberties.

And as I study trends and ponder where this is leading, I could foresee a day when a State like Texas considers seceeding from the Union… of course they are the only State that joined the Union with the proviso they could legally seceed if they deemed it necessary to protect what many Texans consider their rights to be TEXANS. Think I am kidding about this growing secession movement read these articles:,

Their motto is to “Protect and Serve”, but…

Based on my own past experiences with the Police and what appears to be an epidemic of Police brutality caught on video just these past few days, I have very minimal respect for the Police. Based on what I see, their motto ought to be “Abuse and Harrass”.

I am your typical white upper middle class redneck who cherishes his freedom… and who only respects authority figures if they earn it. A badge does not automatically make me respect the wearer.

Chicago, to which I moved 12 years ago, is ripe with countless examples of forced confessions, Police overreaction and abuse, outrageous off-duty behavior and downright harrassment of citizens. In many communities they simply have too many police, and in order to keep their empires growing, Police Chiefs use unspoken means to encourage their officers to ticket motorists, pedestrians or citizen minding their own business to raise revenue to support their empire.

Police are needed to maintain law and order… that’s it. But when I see the Police spending what seems to be 90% of their time writing petty tickets I wonder. In my entire life, I have had a number of crimes committed against me. I have been mugged twice, I have been robbed 3 times, I have been assaulted 1 time and in all of those cases not a single solitary thing was every done. Not a single lead or whiff of whom did these crimes was every communicated. And this is just my own personal statistic. When I talk causually with friends, I find similar results. ZERO crimes solved by the Police

And in those instances where they do solve crimes, often the Courts put the people back out on the street. So in my estimation very few criminals get caught… but when they do get caught, I am seeing this increasing trend of the Police beating the living hell out of the criminal. And the beatings are not needed to subdue the crimininal. Instead it would seem the Police feel their badge gives them the liberty to do almost anything including beating the hell of people. Is it no wonder people are growing cynical and strongly disrespectful of the police.

Regrettably, I have never had a good experience with an on-duty Cop. I have been nearly shot… for nothing more than pulling my insurance card from my visor, I have been nearly tazed because I refused to lay in gravel when asked. You may say, I should have complied, but I say… I deserve the respect to know why I am being asked to do things that by all appearances make no sense. And if I am complying in all other manners with the officer there is no need to tackle, grind my face into the gravel and pummel my back as they pretend to struggle with putting cuffs on me or anyone.

Turns out, as I told the Cop in the above situation, I was merely an innocent bystander by was nearly tazed. I cannot help feeling the COP was using his power as an officer of the court to play BIG TOUGH COP; he overreacted and nearly caused a serious problem as he played BIG TOUGH COP.

I believe many Cops were those kids in High School that everyone laughed at or mocked… admittedly cruel, but simply a part of High School life these days. Now that they have grown up allegedly, and now they have become Cops. Beware of PUNK ASS COPS in POWER positions.

The bonehead Aurora Illinois Cop that nearly tazed me, made a point of telling me that his BADGE gave him the authority to demand I comply with his requests. And that I need to comply or risk being seriously injured. Can you believe this crap? What an ASS!!!!

A BADGE is nothing more than cheap tin and some numbers. And just because a moron COP tells me to drop in the mud or into gravel because he thinks that appropriate, is not reason enough for me.

Video cameras are slowly shining the light of day on Police brutality… and as more and more of us become fed up with the abuse we are going to carry cameras to record the harrassment and abuse. This is our only safeguard against PUNK ASS Cops who have the Barney Fife syndrome. And trust me there are thousands of PUNK ASS Cops roaming the streets just looking to play tough guy. Of course these PUNK ASS Cops make the honest Cops jobs much more difficult.

How about the POLICE… POLICE THEMSELVES. You honest Cops, straighten out those PUNK ASS Cops ruining your reputation. Take them out back, scream at them to hit the ground… make sure it is pure mud, and then as you cuff them grind their face into the mud as you club them pretending they are resisting arrest. Do that one time, and these PUNKS would learn even when you leave High School, you are subject to harrassment if you are a PUNK! Instead today the PUNKS are becoming Police on a mission to revenge their High School nerd complexes. And you honest Cops, while having the support of the masses today, may someday find that has disappeared… so I urge swift hazing of your PUNK ASS brethren.

Biden is simply an IDIOT!!!

First I have no idea why Biden ever ran for President as he is simply dilusional about his experience and judgment. He has shown to be an embellisher of facts, events, conversations… you name it. The guy is just a train wreck. So Biden runs for President in 2008 and got zero traction for his candidacy just as he has in past efforts. God only knows how he stays in Congress, as I would think Lancelot Link the chimp detective from the 70’s TV sitcom could beat Biden in a head-to-head contest, yet somehow Biden comes up a winner despite his ineptness. But despite Biden’s serious lack of tact, common-sense… yada yada yada, Obama picks him as VP. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Anyway, Biden in his usual fashion yesterday blurted out that there was a top secret bunker built on the VP Mansion’s property to protect the VP. Oops!!! Of course, Biden having blown the secrecy of the bunker has not only compromised the bunker, but has squandered the millions spent to build the top secret underground bunker.

Seriously, is Biden really VP material? His gaffes are so amatuerish, he makes Dan Quail look Statesmanlike.

Again folks, I continue to raise serious concerns about the nit-wits running our Country. None inspire me, none impress, and many I feel I could literally step into their position with only modest grooming. SERIOUSLY!!! WE have elected complete nit-wits. Makes this comic seem appropriate:

Constitution Convention & moron provision

Bruce Springstein… WHO? This guy should sing and never speak his opinions!

Bruce S. has just been added to my ever growing list of total morons. He talks about how greedy Americans are destroying the world, yet no one could possibly deny how many people the United States has freed from the tyranny of brutal dictators. This fact is undeniable… I dare anyone to deny America is not a source for good in the world. If you want to get a perspective on just how critical America is to the world, just imagine a world without the United States. Let’s take just a second here and imagine the United States did not exist… I don’t even want to think about it. Without the United States the world would look more like Somalia than what it looks like today.

So we really need these stupid phony singers with no understanding of the world, to shut the fuck up. They add nothing to the global consciousness or discussion… to the contrary they give support to the tyrants and dictators who rule most of the world.

And at the same time Springstein is complaining about the United States, he sits in his mansion. I ask Mr. Moron what he would be doing if he lived in… let’s say China? I think he would be just another drone working to make sure they have food, clothing and shelter. Beyond that Springstein would be nothing more.

But instead of praising the United State’s noble intentons, this dipshit wants to bad mouth the most compassionate country in the world. What exactly should we do that we are not doing… after all dipshit Springfield, we only have so much money to give away to every single country in the world.

So hHey Bruce, drop the mansions and take care of a couple thousand Somalis. You are not materialistic… you don’t mind giving everything you have to help others. BULLSHIT!!! You are the biggest hippocrit… you want to bad mouth the United States based on some utopian logic, but you are not willing to put your money where your stupid mouth is… which is not on your face, but on your ass.

Have a nice day “lousy singer, good songwriter” stupid American.

Is it just me? But don’t you feel we now have the dumbest bunch of leaders running this Country in the last 50 years!!!

What the hell is going on? Everyday someone at the highest levels of our Federal and State (Illinois) government say or do something STUPID.

Let’s face it the top 5 people running this country are utterly talking out of both sides of their mouths and seemingly never speak to each other. From daily teleprompter gaffes, flip flops, and absurdly ridiculous and simple solutions to complex national and world issues I have developed a serious neck injury from “shaking my head” at this dumbness.

How dare the major media and lefty loons mock and scoff at George Bush’s mangling of the English language. Who cares if Bush didn’t use the right word or didn’t sometimes make sense… at least the guy was consistent and everyone around him marched lock-step

With Obama its like no one is in charge nor does anyone know what the fuck they are doing. I use to enjoy the Bush gaffes, but I never felt they were endangering our entire country. But based on the first 100 days of Obamadom, Bush has shown to be an utter genius in leadership and policy by comparison. I just don’t get it!!!

This goes to show, even the slickest teleprompter types are not always the best leaders regardless of how inspiring their teleprompter. Hell, Bush barely used a teleprompter but so far has equaled Obama in communication skills… and that is not saying a whole helluva lot.

As I have written before… not only are we dumbing down our children, but it seems to be following a similar pattern with our politicians. Each election we seem to be getting dumber and dumber people.

Maybe Obama and Biden should be nicknamed “Dumb and Dumber” Reid and Pelosi could be nicknamed “Dumbest and Super Dumbest”. These nicknames while humorous, ironically are accurate depiction of their skills in running the once upon a time, greatest country on Earth.