OMG the FED’s are going to back our currency with real estate!

Previously I wrote there were only 3 options to deal with the debt bomb Obama has single-handedly created: 1.) inflation 2.) bankruptcy or 3.) pay-off. Until this very second, the idea of me flying to the moon sounded more plausible than any of the options enumerated for paying off the Obama debt bomb. But this very second, armed with months and months of watching and studying this man Obama and his debt bomb it HIT ME! Obama is going to use our vast federal inventory of land to securitize our debt and allow for greater amounts of debt so he can in turn finance his socialist programs. (Don’t close your brain, just because I say a word with “social” in it. Face it, Obama is a socialist by strict definition) Obama is going to prevent our country from becoming a third-world country by selling and/or giving away land in exchange for currency. American’s this is a horrific idea and we need to stop Obama and anyone associated with him from advancing any idea that gives non-American governments portions of our country.

The Dawn is Dawning on our National Debt!!!!

For all you pinheads who have never given any thougth to the precarious position we live I hope this little diatribe will help you.

First the national debt is not what Obama spews or $20trillion of which he is PERSONALLY responsible for $10trillion. Something to be REAL proud of!!!

Back in the 80’s the Feds needed money so they put an “IOU” in the treasury for Social Security and Medicare to the tune of $44trillion, so our actual debt is more like $64trillion, not 20.

Okay, debt by its very definition suggests you plan to pay back the monies owed. Any ideas how we are going to pay this money back? Any ideas whatsoever? Just make guess. Well here is the REAL STORY.

This is the Obama debt bomb… a little light on debt but accurate.

Debt can only be paid off 3 ways: 1.) you pay the amount borrowed off like on dows a mortgage, 2.) print money so fast you deflate the dollar. If I give you a dollar today and it is worth 100 penny’s, but in 5 years it is only worth $0.50, then you paid the loan back, but you did so with cheaper money thus you actually made money… and 3.) bancruptcy. I can’t see how we could realistically do items 1 or 3 leaving only item 3 as a solution. I am of the opinion, Obama is secretly imploding the country so he can “shag” he debt by paying back the debt with lower dollars.

And the insidious part of all this, must like the trust thing we’ve talked about” is that the next time you need money you are not going to be responsivle. If we file bankruptcy, as long as you are gainfully employed and keep working hard but you must be vigilant.

Checking in to see what condition my condition is in…

Well boys and girls, I have been out of it, literally and figuratively for the last 5 weeks or so. I will leave it at that… but the last 5 weeks while mentally refreshing for me personally, cause me a lot of strife when I emerse myself in my many sources of knowledge I rely upon to form my opinions. Sadly, things are getting worse at the government level.

For example the government has stopped paying its bills. The State of Illinoying is 1 year behind, municipals are 3-5 months behind, and every other company or government division is somewhere in between.

May I be frank… if the fuckin government isnt paying its bills, it wont be long before many if not most businesses are not paying their biils and the entire economy implodes on itself.

Oh laugh it up… but between now and 2012 when Obaman is run out of town, we are going to see some serious financial turmoil in this Country. I fear at some point it might lead to riots like in California… I hope we learn to share with others… but if all the illegal’s had not come over here, we wouldn’t have part of the problems… but we did this in the name of compasion. I ask: “When are we going to do something for ourselves.”

Stop the madness, most people aren’t aware but we spend over 100 billion on foreign charity.

It’s time to take care of the US first, not vice versa. We must be the laughing stock of the world. These people attempt to kill us, then we reward them with humanitarian aid.