Imagine a world without advertising…

Every day I feel the continual creep of advertisers and marketers into my personal space. Every thing you watch, read, listen to or shop for has a blizzard of advertising and commercials associated with it. And I find the commercials increasingly more and more disgusting. There suddenly are no bounds as to what advertisers are willing to expose us to. Television is out of control. Every disgusting or embarassing subject has now officially been advertised. And not only are the commercials increasingly more disgusting and embarrassing, but the amount of commercials in a given hour on television seems to have gone up. I should not have to pay to watch commercials about rectal or bladder rash. I believe some things should be discussed privately, but nowadays anything is open. I was sitting down at dinner the other day at 6pm and two commercials came on right in the middle of my dinner… one was about rectal/bladder rash and the other was about diahrea. UNBELIEVABLE… I am eating dinner you fucking jack ass marketing goons. I don’t want to hear about disgusthing stuff like diahrea while I am eating. And what burns my ass is that I have to pay Comcast a small fortune to give them access to my home to advertise everything from prostate pills to catheters to adult diapers to stool softners to incontenence to leaks to constipation to every female product or ED pill. I find absolutely nothing of any value in the commercials I must endure… and even the commercials that are not disgusting are insultingly stupid. All kinds of phony financial experts, doctors, phone scams, automobile hype… it’s just pathetic how stupid the advertisers must think the public is in the US. And the radio is no different… endless make believe stories about silly useless products. And then the mailbox is stuffed full of bullshit advertisements about how great this product or that product is… we all know most products have become nothing more than commodities. The marketers come up with crazy harebrained pricing scheme to confuse the public into thinking they are getting a better deal when in reality most products boil down to the same cost. Comcast and Disk and Direct TV are out there annoying you with this crazy special and that crazy insane package. Each has chicanery involved as the pricing is only good for so long or you get trapped in endless automatic renewals. And then the damn pharmacies and groceries want you to carry their absurd rewards card so they can badger you later was they dissect your purchasing patterns. Every way I turn I am being barragged with companies wanting to sell me stuff I don’t want or need. It’s insane… leave me the fuck alone. I don’t want what you are selling. Oh sure, I sound like an old hermit like individual, but I would ask you to take note of the constant drum beat of advertising you are exposed to each day. It’s maddening and I am sick and tired of it. It’s seems to me that this commercialization of everything from adult diaper rash to dingle berries is out of control and is part of a much larger issue of privacy. In the news these days there is story after story about the IRS and other government agencies acquiring information about all of us for supposedly national security. Examining the confluence of groups wanting to acquire information about us, you start to get the idea we no longer have any privacy whatsoever. Google singlehandedly has made sure somewhere in the bowels of some companies offices there are servers with information about you that you probably don’t want public. Couple that with the government’s desire and marketer’s desire to extract information about every bodily function or activity you undertake each day and suddenly your sense of privacy completely vaporizes. We no longer own our own lives. Everything we do is in some fashion compiled into video or data that tracks your life practically on a real-time basis. Meanwhile we all merrily go about our lives thinking we are the masters of our destiny. Baloney… total baloney. Between the government controlling your activities and marketers influencing your habits, we no longer are masters of anything. We are slowly becoming almost android like. We rely on Google to answer all our questions, we allow the government to confiscate our wealth and we let marketers shape our activities. And what’s alarming to me is that with the Internet, and email, forevermore you are on the “grid” and getting off the “grid” is nearly impossible if you have spent 1 hour on the Internet or sent a single email. And this race between those who want privacy and those who want to steal your privacy is accelerating at an accelerating pace. Do rotary phones still work if connected to the labyrinth of copper and fiber criss crossing every inch of this Country, if so those phones provided a level of privacy that does not exist in the digital world. No caller ID on a rotary phone… and back in the day cable was commercial free. Those days were primitive, but at least you had the option of tuning out advertising about erectile dysfunction…. hell we probably didn’t have ED back then. All these commercials seem to have caused people to imagine things that match whatever symptoms the drug or salve cures and presto we all need adult diapers and ass rash balm. God help us…

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