Just Another Example of Illinois’ Confiscatory Practices – Red Light Cameras

Sadly when you apply “generally accepted accounting practices” GAAP to the State of Illinois’ budget it is to put it bluntly “bankrupt”. And you can apply GAAP to Chicago, and many other municipalities and they too are bankrupt.

That being said, long about 2008, a friend of mine representing a “Red Light Camera” company used his expansive network of friends, relations and neighbors… many of whom were politicians to entice local government into buying hundreds of these cameras for so-called “safety” reasons. The cameras would act as a watchdog when police couldn’t be around. Using what seemed at the time to be space-age electronics, the cameras would snap a picture of your license plate if you went through a stale yellow or maybe strolled through a right on red intersection. With that picture your plates would be looked up and you got a nice little $100 fine in the mail. It should be noted the fine doubling to $200 in 30 days. The politicians pitched it as a safety measure. If you violated the law and got a ticket maybe next time you would pay more attention. It was supposed to reduce accidents too… not just tickets as one would expect. Bottom-line, these red light cameras were a bonanza. And in a cash poor state like Illinois, they were being put up everywhere… I mean everywhere. My friend the camera man, was making a small fortune because his company and he took a percentage of proceeds rather than a flat fee. With all the money rolling in every politician was smiling from ear to ear as their budgets were balancing.

But it wasn’t long before the public became sick and tired of getting fines everywhere they went and a public outcry could be heard from Chicago to Springfield. People were getting multiple tickets in their own neighborhood at intersections that rarely had accidents. The public mobilized and began attending City Council meetings protesting the cameras. In the mind of a greedy politician this seemed like a victim-less fine. It was done all electronically. No police. But the public was outraged and after getting both ears full of screaming City Councilmen and Mayors began taking down the more egregious cameras… ones that clearly had no safety concerns but probably were high volume intersections that made lots of money.

But Chicago was not as fast to take down cameras. They were bankrupt and needed a source of revenue and so they claimed as they always do that “out-of-towners would pay the brunt of the tickets not residents. Most residents don’t have cars. So that allowed Chicago to keep ripping off the public. And so years passed and millions flowed into the city’s bank account.

Chicago and much of Illinois being corrupt, not only didn’t take down cameras… they played a dirty little trick on the public. They reduced the amount of time that a yellow light would last. So instead of maybe 3 seconds they reduced all the red light camera intersections to maybe 2.5 seconds. My time might be inexact but my example is 100% correct. By reducing the time, they could get more tickets. What a sinister thing to do in my opinion. Anyway, this went on for years and more cash flowed into Chicago’s bank account until one day, the local newspaper got wind of the story and went and stop-watched intersections and discovered this outrageous example of government corruption was not a rumor but was true. I have to say a city’s leadership that would allow this to happen regardless of their knowledge should be grounds for impeaching the Mayor. In the end all the money that was collected as of some date in the past was mandated by the Courts to be returned. Thousands of tickets were thrown out and money returned.

Despite all the turmoil and bad feeling towards these cameras they still exist in many cities. And here is the true crime against residents. SINCE 2008 THE GOVERNMENT HAS COLLECTED 1 BILLION DOLLARS IN RED LIGHT REVENUE. YES I SAID 1 BILLION. Imagine what the 1 billion could have done for the economy, for the poor, for needy… Well if you doubt me here is the article. https://www.illinoispolicy.org/reports/illinois-red-light-cameras-have-collected-more-than-1b-from-drivers-since-2008/. please.

Biden is simply an IDIOT!!!

Seems I was prescient when I called Biden an idiot back in 2009. See May 2009 post or read the following:

Chuck Tyson's Texas Tea

First I have no idea why Biden ever ran for President as he is simply dilusional about his experience and judgment. He has shown to be an embellisher of facts, events, conversations… you name it. The guy is just a train wreck. So Biden runs for President in 2008 and got zero traction for his candidacy just as he has in past efforts. God only knows how he stays in Congress, as I would think Lancelot Link the chimp detective from the 70’s TV sitcom could beat Biden in a head-to-head contest, yet somehow Biden comes up a winner despite his ineptness. But despite Biden’s serious lack of tact, common-sense… yada yada yada, Obama picks him as VP. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Anyway, Biden in his usual fashion yesterday blurted out that there was a top secret bunker built on the VP Mansion’s property to protect the VP. Oops!!! Of course, Biden having…

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Legal System is confusing and unfair…

I was a plaintiff in a civil suit recently. It took 5 years to prevail. Now they will get 2 years to pay me. So the final dollars will not be paid for 7 years. Utterly Absurd.

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I am not even sure where to start as there is so much proof of my premise.  But I will list just a few.

1.) Lawsuits take years to get a verdict regardless of whether civil or criminal

2.) Lawsuits are not about fairness, rather they are about rules or legal precedent.  Most people think the law will protect them because their situation is based on fairness…  WRONG.  Rules just like in Monopoly, are what Judges use to determine outcome of case, not fairness

3.) Juries can nullify the law as in the OJ Simpson case or the Robert Blake case.  Of course we all know OJ was guilty… the evidence lacked only a video tape, but all other evidence fit like a glove, no pun intended.

4.) If you have a legal matter to deal with you NEED a lawyer or the Court will filet your ass.  This is especially…

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Do you really know racism when you see it?

There have been 2 events claimed to be racist during Trump’s term thus far.  First we had the Muslim racist allegations against Trump followed now by illegal immigrant racist allegations.

I couldn’t be more sickened by the utter stupidity of the media.  They are either pretending to be stupid and uneducated or they really are stupid and uneducated.

Racism is not related to religion as in the case of Muslims nor is it related to an illegal activity.

Racism is based on race; in the case of the illegal immigrant there is no connection between their race and their illegal activity.  Their race is purely coincidental.  These illegal aliens could be Swedish and my expectation would be Trump would attempt to stem their flow.  It’s the activity of illegally crossing our borders not the race that is the issue.  But the media is too stupid and uneducated to make this distinction.